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Condition & Due Diligence Surveys

(Pre-Purchase or Structural Surveys)

Often referred to as structural surveys David has provided condition surveys (prior to purchase or tenancies) for properties ranging from domestic to substantial commercial premises including offices and shopping centres.  Content and report formats are tailored towards the client’s requirements whether a domestic purchaser or multinational portfolio manager or investor.  Subject to requirements, content can include jargon free condition assessment and repair advice through to guidance on statutory obligations, health and safety, and even recommendations for landlord and tenant negotiations.

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Defect Analysis

Where concerns lie with individual defects where a full building survey is not required, we are able to focus on specific repair issues, providing guidance on defects, their implications repair options and costs.

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Planned Maintenance

Whether small commercial premises or larger office/industrial or even shopping centre assets David is able to provide advice on long-term future maintenance and repair for budgeting purposes.

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Dilapidation assessment and negotiations:  Whether advising the landlord or tenant mid tenancy or at the end of a lease period, advice can include:

  • an assessment of dilapidations for either party during or at the end of a tenancy period to facilitate a mutually acceptable negotiation

  • The preparation of a schedule of dilapidations again mid or end of tenancy for the landlord to enforce the tenant’s repairing obligations or pursue a claim for damages

  • respond to a landlord’s schedule on behalf of the tenant to ensure that their obligations are correctly reflected and limited in any subsequent agreed schedule of work or claim for damages

cropped commercial surveys and inspectio

Architectural Design & Advice

We are able to provide suitable architectural designs using both freehand and computer-aided techniques as is appropriate for both simple repairs, adaptations or more substantial alterations to existing buildings and for example in the reconstruction of a fire damaged property. 

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Expert Witness Reports

Civil Procedure Rules and protocols require unbiased Expert Witness Reports to assist the Court in a case of negligence whether, for example, against a professional consultant or a building contractor.  prepared on behalf of either complainant or defendant prior to or during court action a correctly prepared and issued Part 35 compliant Expert Witness Report is essential in providing suitable justification for or against a claim.

Party Walls

Whether acting for a developer (Building Owner) or Neighbour (Adjoining Owner) full compliance with the Act can be ensured.  If appointed by the Building Owner, the correct notices can be served on Adjoining Owners with procedures followed to ensure full compliance with the Act and the serving of Awards prior to development commencement.    When appointed by an Adjoining Owner or neighbour, Scrutiny of the Building Owner’s proposals can be ensured with again suitable agreement of proposals and recording of the Adjoining Owner’s assets prior to commencement of the development.


Project Management & Development Monitoring

Contract Administration and Management services are usually provided as part of a full designer services package although can also be offered as a standalone service where a designer, structural engineer etc are already in place.  Assisting in procurement of the design, contractors pricing and administration of the Contract through to completion together with cost control and ensuring any necessary Statutory compliance.


In respect of large commercial premises, Development Monitoring services can be provided for an ingoing occupier/user or funder where there is no direct contractual link; often as part of a new build scheme.

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